Main Street BridgeMain Street Bridge Suggested Photo Shoot locations

Florida is not a tourist destination just because of the many days of great weather. It is also one of the most picturesque areas around. The First Coast abounds with wonderful venues for a photo shoot. Listed below are some of our favorite places to take pictures. Of course you can suggest your own places. We love to learn about new spots!




In Jacksonville

Memorial Park: Situated in Riverside just south of Five Points, Memorial Park features low hanging trees, ample lawn space, river views with concrete balustrades. The main feature of Memorial Park is a large rendering of Pillars' sculpture "Life". Click here for a map of Memorial Park.


Stinson ParkStinson Park Stinson Park: A favorite spot to photograph, Stinson Park has it all. Green lawns, old oaks, river access, a granite beach, a playground for the kids, and, across the street, sweeping vistas of the Downtown Jacksonville skyline. Click here for a map of Stinson Park.


Stockton Park: Located on the western bank of the St. John's River in the Ortega area, Stockton Park has a great expanse of lawn, as well as sloping lawns and steps, great for taking pictures. Having a riverfront location, allows for beautiful backgrounds in your portraits. Click here for a map of Stockton Park.


Jacksonville Southbank - The Jacksonville Southbank is one of the best places for iconic Jacksonville photos.  Across the river stands the Jacksonville skyline, and bridges surround the southbank. To the west lies a marina, and crossing under the Main Street bridge gives you views of Everbank Field. Click here for a map of Friendship Fountain/Jacksonville Southbank


Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens* - Let your photos run wild (pun intended)! A visit to the zoo brings out the kid in all of us. Take pictures with the giraffes or the elephants. Pose away in the Asian Gardens. Lions, tigers and bears abound. There is soooooo much to do and sooooooo much to see. Click here for a map of Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


At the Beach**

Jacksonville Beach - The hangout spot. Long stretches of sandy beaches and hilly dunes make for the perfect Florida photo shoot. The Jacksonville pier, both above and below, add to the character of this great shoot. Click here for a map of Jacksonville Beach


PHCA_TBan_86PHCA_TBan_86 Atlantic Beach - Just up the road from Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach features the same beautiful beaches as Jacksonville beach. The atmosphere is a little bit different, and the wooden pier off of 10th street is great for those who want a more retro look. Click here for a map of Atlantic Beach


Huguenot Memorial ParkHuguenot Memorial Park Huguenot Memorial Park*** -Calm tidal pool on one side, waves of the Atlantic on the other, with massive dunes in between, Huguenot Park gives a little bit of everything beachy. Pose along the rocks on the breakwater as the St. John's River empties. Mayport Naval Station looms across the bay as a backdrop. Huguenot Park has it all. Click here for a map of Huguenot Park.


Boneyard BeachBoneyard BeachTest Caption Here Boneyard Beach*** - A truly unique experience. Erosion has conspired to litter the northern end of Big Talbot Island with hundreds of oak trees. Bleached white by the sun and worn smooth by sand and sea, this is an amazimgly beautiful place. (Keep in mind that access to Boneyard Beach requires a half-mile hike and a descent down a steep sandy slope).- Click here for a map of Boneyard Beach.


St. Augustine****

Downtown Walkabout - Start off at the downtown parking garage and see where your legs take you. St. George Street, the Bridge of Lions, a few minutes at the Castillo, or any of the historical landmarks in the downtown area can be your backdrop! Click here for a map of Downtown St. Augustine.


Outside of the Castillo de San Marcos+ - Walk the grounds of one of the oldest fortifications in the United States of America. With the Matanzas River at your back, your photo shoot will be a stunning, one of a kind event!- Click here for a map of The Castillo de San Marcos


Lightner Museum/Flagler College grounds+ - Originally built as a hotel for the rich and famous, the Flagler College and Lightner Museum offer beautiful architecture and grounds for your photos. Stand on the coquina bridge over the koi pond and pose away! The fountains on both sides of King Street will add character and richness to your day. - Click here for a map of Lightner Museum


*Shoots at the Jakcsonville Zoo and Gardens require a seperate admission fee for everyone participating in the shoot.

** Shoots located at the beach have a $25.00 surcharge.

***Shoots at Huguenot Park, Little Talbot and Big Talbot Islands require an admission fee to the park. The fee is per vehicle and will be paid by the client.

****Shoots located in St. Augustine have a $45.00 surcharge.


+At both the Castillo de San Marcos and Flagler College, there are areas that require special permission to shoot. Without permission, photography sessions cannot take place inside the Castillo or at certain rooms inside the Lightner Museum and Flagler College.