Yearbook Pictures

6801-6A-Richardson,Adia0016801-6A-Richardson,Adia001 I'm going to tell you a story.  Before embarking on a career as a photographer, I was a high school teacher at a small private school.  I was put in charge of the yearbook in addition to being the Chemistry and Physics instructor.  And I HATED picture day!  It reminded me of a cattle call where kids were lined up, snapped quickly, and moved on.  And the CD of pictures that i received would reflect that.  Eyes half closed, cheesy smiles. I vowed when I started this venture that I would NOT be that photographer.  

When the students are first brought in to the room, I introduce myself and talk to them for a few minutes.  Most of them either dislike taking pictures or, since they don't know me from Adam, won't necessarily listen to me when I ask them to smile.  By establishing a rapport with the students, demonstrating how I want them to sit and pose, and generally keeping a lighthearted atmosphere, pictures come out far better than the assembly line method.

Our shoots usually take longer than other photographers.  It's worth it to us.  No one wants pictures with blank stares looking back at them.  We endeavor to create photos that best reflect your student body at their best.  We want to provide you with yearbook pictures that you can be proud of.  

Other School Services

Richardson,CRichardson,C In addition to yearbook portraits, we also provide ID Badges, spring pictures, and sports team and club pictures.  We are a one stop service for all of your schools photography needs.  We would love to be a part of your school family.  Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Because most of our school pictures are of younger children, and we have not obtained model releases, we do not have a portfolio of yearbook or spring pictures.  Contact us to schedule a consult and we will have samples of pictures, novelty items and order forms for your perusal.