Cheer Full SmallCheer Full Small Make a bold statement for your team or club. 

Let us take your team or organization to the next level!  By photographing each member individually, we can arrange your team photo so that no heads are blocking anyone else, and all eyes are straight ahead.  (It also helps to ensure a complete team picture if anyone is absent.  We'll just take their picture on another day and stick them in the right spot.  With our library of over 200 backgrounds we can custom make something unique just for you. 

Special Senior Night

We price our banners to ensure that EVERY senior can take one home without breaking the bank.  Our 3x6 banners are only $80.00, and 4x6 banners are $85.00.  Whether you have one senior or twenty, we don't care.  They deserve their moment in the sun.  We also go the extra step and include multiple poses on each banner.  Sure it takes more time, but how often are your seniors going to have their senior year? (Once we hope :-) ) And if you want the underclassmen not to feel left out, we can provide smaller banners for them.  

Trust The Process

DSC_4067_1DSC_4067_1 Whether we shoot at your gym, or at our studio, the process is the same.  Each child gets his or her moment in the sun.  They take an individual pose for the banner, and then we let their personality shine!  From the sublime to the ridiculous, whatever pose they can dream up, we can make it happen.  Let your 5'2" point guard dunk the ball.  Swing for the fences whether you've hit zero home runs or a hundred.  Every child can pose however they feel, and can order portraits or novelty items to their hearts content.  With the exception of the senior banners, a portion of all sales goes right back to the team/club.