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It's that special day. It's her day. It's the day where the two of you decide to commit to one another. Whether big or small, it is a lifechanging event. And whether big or small, we would love to help tell the story of your day. Perhaps you have an intimate gathering of close friends and family. Or maybe you are going all out with the fantasy wedding of her dreams. Either way our team of photographers have you covered.

Your relationship with us starts WAY before your ceremony. We usually meet with our couples at least three times before the ceremony; oftentimes more than that. Not only do we have our initial consultation, but we also go through the ceremony with you, creating a checklist of must-haves, but not being so rigid, that we don't adjust to the flow of the ceremony. Nothing is worse than focusing so much on the bride, that you miss her brother shedding a tear before quickly wiping it away and looking around to see who saw.

We want to know eveything about your wedding. We attend the rehearsals, and try to get to know the key figures in the party and the crowd. We will communicate with the minister to make sure that no bounds are overstepped, and that it's an enjoyable day for all.

When it's all said and done, we will sit down with you to review the photos and create your package. Our secure online ordering allows your friends and family to also share in the memories.

We would be honored for your consideration in allowing us to tell your wedding story. To contact us, use the number or email below.

nedori Photography
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