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You've planned the perfect event. The birthday guests have all been invited. The prom tickets have been sold to excited juniors and seniors. Your gala has been meticulously organized. Everything goes off without a hitch. And at the end of the night, the only long lasting memories have been captured in a bunch of low-light, blurry selfies.

There is an alternative. Leave the pictures to us. Whether you want a photo booth for your guests to take amazing pictures on our green screen, or a roving photographer capturing you you and your guests having the time of you life, let us be the photographer of choice for your next event.

Photo Booths

You and your guests will get pictures in front of a custom designed digital backdrop. Since the backdrops are digitally designed, you can let your imagination run wild! Red carpets in front of a birthday announcement or standing in the middle to Times Square, we will create the pefect backdrop for your event. And none of this "We'll get you the pictures later." We will print your photo quality print right then and there.

Roving Photographer

Not all the action happens at the photo booth. So we follow the action. If you have a program, we will follow it along with you to get the highlights of your evening. If there is no program, we will blend in with the crowd and get as many shots as we can. Feel free to pull us aside if something big is happening.

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